Harmony Galen

Hatheril Guard Captain


Abilities Unknown


Harmony Galen is a Guard Captain for the Hatheril militia. On first meeting her, Azan felt there was an odd familiarity to her but when he quizzed her on it, she was adament they had never met.

The adventurers first met her in the House Orien warehouse where they discovered and fought the Karnathi Zombie which was en route to Caldera Corporation in Wroat.

It was at this time that they learned of the untimely death of the Innkeeper named Jarred whose murder Harmony was also investiagting.

Much later, when investigating the dissapearance of a young boy named Rohlann on behalf of Kurlot Lanner, the adventurers encountered an woman manifesting angel-like powers who called herself Symphony. The angel woman announced to the party that it was her sister who sent her to the adventurer’s aid. The party assumed that Symphony was the sister of Harmony – an assumption given more credence by the realisation that Harmony’s surname, Galen, was an annagram of the word angel.

After the party had freed Calethar from the hands of the Burning Fist, he pledged Citadel resources to helping the group recover their lost memories. During a little psychic probing, Chester recalled that it was Harmony Galen who had met the group on the night they lost their memories and, moreover, it may have been her who took them from the group.

When confronted, Harmony admitted that she had indeed taken the parties memories from them although her intentions were seemingly in their best interests. Harmony claimed that she was trying to protect them from information which they had uncovered – a possible incursion on the part of the Lords of Dust. Moreover, the memory wipe she employerd was only designed to take away a couple of weeks worth of memories – not wipe them completely. The only conclusion which she could come to was that the party’s minds had been tampered with before and that tampering interacted badly with what she had tried to do.

When confronted about her part, Harmony was not forthcoming with information. She insisted she was part of a Breland-wide sorority who acted on the orders of a single mistress. She noted that her mistress was in the business of keeping Breland safe from fiends like those in the Lords of Dust. She described how she had been sent to Hatheril years ago given many strange occurences within the city. She also talked about her three sisters – other agents working for the mistress. The party had already met Symphony who Harmony described as their Khyber agent. There was also Rhapsody, their agent in Sharn and Melody, a roaming agent who went where she was needed.

Harmony Galen

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