Thirteenth Rain

Assault on the Warehouse

It's dead eye sockets glare menacingly with a bright red glow...

Orryn felt like he could talk his way into the warehouse – a non-violent solution to a problem forged in violence. Durzo seemed less confident about the little gnomes plans and sought contingency by making for the roof of the warehouse.

Orryn’s plan succeeded… to a degree. It took a couple of attempts at talking to different Deneith gaurds but eventually they were persuaded to let the group past and investigate the crate bound for the mysterious Caldera Corporation.

The crate was opened and the group were greeted by a menacing sight therein -

A zombie clad in well-crafted half-plate lumbers toward you, brandishing a longsword. This zombie carries itself almost militaristically. The soldier’s rotting flesh looks like it has been well preserved, and its dead eye sockets glare menacingly with a bright red glow.

Orryn and Azan had to put their heads together because there was something worryingly familiar about the zombie. They plunged the depths of their knowledge and eventually worked out its deadly secret -

This is no normal Zombie. It has been infused with unholy energies from the plane of Mabar to increase its speed and toughness. Karrnathi elite zombies are created from the remains of elite Karrnathi soldiers slain in battle on the night of a full moon. It is said that a grave hunter from the plane of Mabar has helped in the creation of these unholy troops.

The group, aided by the Deneith guards, set upon the zombie and eventually dispatched it. Closer examination, however, uncovered a further troubling revelation -

On the loose, rotting flesh of the zombies right arm is etched a strange marking. You are swept over with disconcertion when you realise that the marking matches that which you saw projected by the little pebble from the safety deposit box. It’s an aberrant dragonmark. What is most unusual, however, is that this marking is not typical of a dragonmark. Most often, a dragonmark manifests just like a birthmark except with bright colours and tints. The mark on the zombie seems to have been literally carved into its skin. It doesn’t appear to be natural at all.

Aberrant dragonmark



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