Thirteenth Rain

Bloody Bridge

“By order of the watch, drop your weapons and explain yourselves...”

The assault at the caravan park has the group a little spooked. It is decided that Orryn and Durzo should remain at the park to see if anyone comes looking for the faux-dragonmarked heirs.

The rest of the party make their way back to their tavern but on the way run into a man being attacked by a warforged assassin on a bridge.

After a close battle the adventurers eventually drive the assassin off but it’s all too late for the man on the bridge. He has sadly died. His identification papers, however, provide the group with his name and his job. He is one Bonal Geldem and he is provost in the School of pre-Galifar History at Morgrave University.

Near to the man’s body the group also find an item that the warforged assassin seemed keen on – Bonal’s journal -

The small journal measures about three inches by about six inches and about one inch thick. It has a cover of dark brown leather with strands of mithral thread woven in a strange pattern. It bears no title, just the mithral thread icon on the front cover. Inside, every page is blank, but the sheets have a strange feel; they don’t seem to be paper or leather, but rather something not really identifiable. Chester recognises the mithral pattern on the front cover – a stylised hammer and anvil inside a circle – a primitive version of the House Cannith seal.

As the adventurers examine the journal, they hear a shout from near-by, calling some passing guardman to the bridge. Evidently someone has taken the adventurers to be Bonal’s murderers. A Dwarf, marked as a Sergeant of the Guard calls out to the travellers -

“Olladra’s bloody nose! By order of the watch, drop your weapons and explain yourselves.”

The party decides that it’s best to let the Sergeant take them in for questioning but after just a short time at the Guard’s post, they are released by the Dwarf who seems to think that the group has friends in high places.

Wizard 4 jpgOn leaving the Guard’s post, they are met by a cloaked woman with nothing but a lock of red-blonde hair showing under her hood. She shows them a signet ring bearing the Gorgon of House Cannith and explains -

“If you want to know the truth of Bonal Geldem’s murder, go to the Broken Anvil tavern at dawn…”

She doesn’t wait for a reply but rather keeps walking away from the adventurers. Riardon decides to pursue thinking that he might be able to use his psionic senses to find out more about the woman. He follows her to a house in one of the more modest districts of town and uses his psychic abilities to look and see inside.

In a room upstairs, Riardon spies a series of manuscripts on the table, reading the most elaborate scroll reveals a mysterious passage

“When the heroes of the mark aid the disgraced scion, the bane of thirty fiends will understand their calling”

Transferring his psionic sight to another room, a red-headed woman converses with a warforged who Riardon recognises as the gate guard from Dorsan Tower.

The two have a lengthy discussion about various things involving the group of adventurers. The woman explains to the warforged that she has directed the adventurers to the Broken Anvil. The warforged seems to think it’s a bad idea and references the fact that the adventurers killed all of the guards at the caravan park. The woman explains that she felt she underestimated the adventurers and that her guards weren’t well enough trained.

The warforged begrudgingly agrees and goes on to a different conversation about a man named Daine, asking if the woman has heard anything from him. The woman shakes her heard and says no suggesting that -

“He’ll have to keep his head down. The Eyes of Chronepsis will be out for him…”




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