Thirteenth Rain


"A vampire burning on the streets of Hatheril is a victory for the Silver Flame..."

There is a little bit of investigation required before the party jumps into anything. They lack the speciality to know whether or not the girl or the Dragonborn is a vampire. Iris suggests they make for a temple of the Silver Flame to find help.

A young aide at the near-by temple fetches his master from his sleep and the templar aids the group in their investigation. The girl is in the early stages of transformation – she can not be helped. The templar assures the group that he will deal with her. The dragonborn shows no signs of vampirism. It seems as though he was simply fulfilling his charge as a puritan of the Silver Flame – if only he had told someone.

The templar suggests that the travellers investigate further. The source of this undead menace must be found.

They then return to the red-light district and trace where the young girl came from. Orryn once again tries to blag information from the Madame of the brothel but she refuses to reveal her clients name. Durzo has to resort to roguery in order to trace where the girl was going to or coming from.

The girl’s client was the son of a Karrnathi nobleman. His name is Alarich Castlemont and as it turns out he dwells on his fathers estate in a more opulent part of the city.

The group take a nights rest before setting out for the Castlemont estate the next morning. They are granted a meeting with the head of the household – Adalston Castlemont.

Castlemont is one of the titular powers within Hatheril. He speaks with a strong Karnnathi accent and sits on a council of representatives for the city. No one truly knows where his title, power or wealth have come from, all assuming that it belongs to some relic of his past in Karrnath. This is, in fact, scarily true. Viscount Casltemont was employed in Kaius III’s Ministry of the Dead in Karrnath. He reported directly to Count Vedim ir’Omik, Minister of the Dead and the titular head of the Corpse Collectors – a group responsible for maintaining the Karnnathi army’s undead roster. At some point, however, Castlemont was removed from his position in the ministry. He was paid a rather pretty severance sum but exiled from Karrnath. With the money he had made, Castlemont invested in trading interests in Hatheril and made yet more profit as well as becoming a stakeholder in several of the big trading companies operating out of the city.

He does not take kindly to the groups inquisition towards his son. Clearing fearing something, he traps the adventurers in a room rigged with traps. Durzo narrowly escapes the room but is set upon by guards in the corridor outside while the rest of the party struggle to get free of the room.

Eventually breaking out, the group meet a contingent of guards escorting Alarich Castlemont off the estate. Alarich shows his true colours, launching a vampiric attack against the party, backed up by his guards.

The group dispatches the boy and his guard detail – Iris taking some zealous pleasure in decapitating the monster.

They press on into the house to confront Adalston who is in his study adorning himself with armour and weaponry. It seems that Alarich inherited his “problem” from his father who also now openly displays his vampiric ways. Iris draws his ire by casting his son’s head down before him and battle ensues.

The adventurers are hard pressed but defeat Adalston giving Iris the killing blow. Iris picks up Adalston, who is gravely injured, and casts him through the stained glass window of his study. The vampire writhes and burns in the bright sunlight outside.

The adventurers question Iris’ actions – couldn’t such a brazen assault on a Karrnathi diplomat re-ignite international tensions and lead to war?

Iris levies her maul at her companions -

“A vampire burning on the streets of Hatheril is a victory for the Silver Flame…”



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