Thirteenth Rain

Castlemont's Notes

"Death cults have appeared throughout history..."

Documents lie strewn around Castlemont’s study in the wake of the battle but a few grab the groups attention. Many of Adalston’s books seem to be genealogiocal texts and on his desk is a family tree of sorts -

Castlemont bloodline

There is also a ritual book open on a lectern next to his book case. On the two open pages, two rituals are displayed -

Consult mystic sages
Dark gift of undying

As well as the two printed rituals, Castlemont’s book contains extracts on necromancy. Castlemont appears to have been researching this school of magic and where it originated -

Khyber’s Children

The most terrifying powers in Eberron are the overlords of the Age of Demons: the first children of Khyber. Each of these spirits rivals the gods themselves in sheer power and even while imprisoned, they can touch the world through dreams and the actions of their servants.

The overlord Katashka possesses power over death. In the ancient battle against the dragons, Katashka raised a host of horrors, and those that survived the war are now the oldest undead creatures in existence. Katashka was imprisoned at the end of that conflict, but a number of his rakshasa servants still remain at large among the Lords of Dust.

Death cults related to Katashka have appeared throughout history – the Dhakaani records speak of a sect of necromancers wiped out by a powerful emperor, and several stories of human death cults predate the rise of Galifar…

The Qabalrin

The first mortals to delve into the necromantic arts were some elves collectively known as the Qabalrin, who lived in isolation in Xen’drik. Legends claim that the Qabalrin learned the secrets of magic from the shadow itself. Whether this tale is truth or hyperbole, the Qabalrin certainly possessed incredible skill. They are said to have created the first humanoid vampires, and a number of their greatest citizens reputedly became vampires – only to be trapped and entombed after a feud that erupted between rival schools. The city of the Qabalrin was later destroyed by the fall of a massive dragonshard, an event that the giants claimed was the result of divine wrath.

Some believe that the traditions of the line of Vol (which in turn formed the foundation of the Blood of Vol) were drawn from Qabalrin teachings. But even if that assertion is true, most of the Qabalrin’s secrets remain hidden in the ruins of the Ring of Storms.

The Closed Circle

In the early days of Galifar, three wizards’ circles took shape in the southern kingdom: the Esoteric Order of Aureon, the Guild of Starlight and Shadows, and the Closed Circle. The wizards of the Closed Circle specialized in transmutation, conjuration, and necromancy, and they sought to unlock the secrets of the daelkyr and the Qabalrin, as well as the power of the Dragon Below. In 641 YK, the Closed Circle was obliterated by the combined force of the Church of the Silver Flame and its two rival circles. But its workshops and mageholds, filled with dark and deadly secrets, may still be hidden across Breland or Darguun.



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