Thirteenth Rain


"The Puritans are the most likely to resort to violence..."

The adventurers pick up on a bounty currently being offered by the Hatheril militia – a violent Dragonborn templar of the Silver Flame roams the Hatheril Streets at night. His quest seems to be to purge the locale of impurity and he conducts his business with extreme prejudice. His target? The red light districts of the city. Few are safe from his zeal therein…

The adventurers wait for night to fall and then Durzo and Azan take to roofs of the brothels to search for signs of the menace.

It isn’t long before a scream cuts the night air – the party’s quarry has made his move. Azan and Durzo take to their heals and track the templar down.

A battle ensues but something seems off – the templar has no desire to fight the group. Quite the opposite in fact. He seems cool and collected. Iris has little taste for the zealots behaviour and cuts him down, putting an end to his killing.

Chester and Orryn provide medical assistance for the girls the Dragonborn had assaulted but something is not right. One of the girls has two pricks on her neck – faint puncture marks that Iris knows to be immediately afraid of…




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