Thirteenth Rain

House Cannith

"A warforged with a longbow slung over his back stands guard at the gate..."

Warforged scoutWith some enquiry around the city, the travellers find out where they can find the ranking House Cannith official in Hatheril. They are directed to Dorsan Tower – an old but well kept structure currently occupied by one Teesan d’Cannith and his staff. At the gate into Dorsan Tower, the adventurers are greeted by a warforged guard. He grants them entry into to tower but informs them that is is well guarded.

Travelling up the spiral stairway of the tower Chestar, Riardon and Orryn all feel disconcerted. The warforged made a point of emphasising how weel guarded the tower was and yet they happen upon not a single guard. Chester has a sickly feeling that any number of scrying spells and rituals are keeping a close eye on them at any time. When they emerge at the top of the staircase they find the large oaken doors into Teesan’s study. They knock and are bidden to enter -

Tessan d’Cannith is a small man with long, thick, dark hair which merges seamlessly with his luxurious beard. He wears an ornate, bright coat emblazed with fine buttons and immaculate stitching. His finery might suggest to one of a keen eye that his origins may lie within the destroyed realm of Cyre.

The group quizzes Teesan about the goings on of the night before although the man freely admits that he understands little about it. He examines the dust that the evaporated creature left behind and takes a sample for further investigation.

Chester divulges some of his thoughts on the events, postulating that perhaps the eldritch machine was drawing energy from the plane of Dal Quor – the Region of Dreams. He seems to make light of the adventurer’s suggestion and seems even less concerned about the problem than he initially was -

40,000 years ago the giants of Xen’drik, using the knowledge of the dragons and an eldritch machine, severed the ties between Eberron and Dal Quor. Since then, Dal Quor has remained remote. Further still, drawing energy from the other planes is purely theoretical.

Teesan suggests that since he is a busy man the adventurers should return to the sewers, collect what they can of the eldritch machine and catalogue and detail everything they find down there. He offers to pay them for their services.



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