Thirteenth Rain


“We stand against those who lurk in the shadows of the twelve...”

It is decided that The Tenth is probably one of the artefacts referred to in Riardon’s vision. In order to find out more about why they are important, the adventurers decide to go to the place where the Red Thorn Company were to hand the artefact over to their client.

At the appointed location the adventurers quickly identify exactly who is supposed to be collecting the item – a shifty looking group of four elves and two dwarves mill about around a wagon trying to look inconspicuous.

Despite the adventurers best attempts at being covert, when the elves and dwarves realise that the deal has gone sour they attack the party and try to snatch the item. The party, however, is ready for them and quickly deal with all of them, leaving one alive for questioning. The one lone dwarf, however, will not be broken. When questioned about anything he simply repeats the phrase -

“We stand against those who lurk in the shadows of the twelve…”

When they put the final dwarf out of his misery, something troubling strikes the adventurers as they investigate the bodies – each of them bears a faux-dragonmark. The markings on each of their arms clearly isn’t a dragonmark but instead is some kind of faintly magical tattoo which looks like a dragonmark and, judging by the way the dwarves and elves fought, emulates the powers and abilities of the Mark of Storm and the Mark of Warding – the House Lyrandar and House Kundarak marks.



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