Thirteenth Rain

Return to the Spy's House

"There is one name circled in the paper..."

With the quest for House Cannith complete, the adventurers decide that they should leave Hatheril as soon as possible. Their ID papers are ready for collection and they can easily board the next lightening rail train bound for Wroat. It seem best to leave the city before any potential fallout from their tentative alliance with Elaydren catches up with them.

The travellers, however, wish to make one stop on their way – they want to check out the house Riardon followed the woman with the Cannith signet ring to.

Riardon leads the adventurers there and psionically probes the place for inhabitants. It seems completely empty – in fact, almost too empty. It’s as if the woman had left in an awful rush. Much of the house is cleared saved for some general mess and a few scraps of paper here and there.

The only clue the adventurers find is an old copy of the local newspaper, the Hatheril Observer. Much of the information therein is low-brow and mundane but there is a single article on the quarterly fiscals of trading guilds in the city. A name is circled in red – Roondar d’Sivis.



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