Thirteenth Rain

The Ashen Blade Chronicles - Garn's Escort

"Garn was safe enough there until the Gray Mantle sent someone..."

Wrogar’s journal describes the fact that he and his companions – Cabal, Riven, Simm, Thalaen and Tuaranak all work for a group of mercenaries, known collectively as The Grey Mantle, opperating out of Graywall. While day to day life is anything but normal for these adventurers, they are about to step into a whole new world of wierd.

Something foul is at work in the heart of Droaam – one of the many reasons that some of the Ashen Blades find themselves in Droaam in the first place.

Shreds of the Draconic prophecy seem to point towards Droaam being a site of importance. This is no great surprise given that Sora Teraza, one of the three sisters in charge of Droaam, is an accomplished seer who may well know an incredible amount about various subjects including, but not just limited to, the prophecy.

There are few legends of Sora Teraza. Until the founding of Droaam, only the most erudite bards had heard of the blind crone said to wander the Demon Wastes. Many believe that she is the motivating force behind Droaam – that she was the one who sought out her sisters, guided by an oracular vision. She speaks rarely, but her sisters pay close attention to every word.

All dusk hags possess oracular abilities, but Sora Teraza’s are unnaturally powerful. However, she does not control these visions; instead, the visions control her, as she seems to feel an obligation to fulfill the visions she receives.

Ultimately, though they do not know it initially, the Ashen Blades will find that through sway and influence, they are not working for Karkillian, the minotaur in charge of the Grey Mantle, but for the Daughters of Sora Kell who are trying to combat the real force in charge of the Gray Mantle.

The one who is truely controlling the actions of the Gray Mantle is a Rhakshasa, one of the Lords of Dust, manipulating events in Droaam for the fiends gain. He has spent the last four years or so building up the mercenary company and founding a reputation for it. Nowadays, even Xorchylic, the Illithid Governer of Graywall can call upon the skills of the Mantle for certain tasks which need resolving.

Now that the group has almost free-roam of Graywall and the Rhakshasa feels that now is the time to put his plan into motion. Fortunately, however, Sora Teraza has seen this. It hasn’t even entered the minds of the Lords of Dust that they could be being played by the Daughters of Sora Kell. Sora Teraza is moving her chess pieces along with the Lords of Dust but she is a few steps ahead and has set in motion a chain of events which should rid Droaam of the fiend and give them a better understanding of how the prophecy relates to Droaam.

Four weeks ago, Sora Katra sent an envoy to meet with a House Tharask half-orc crossing into Droaam from Breland. The Scion was excoriated, ousted from the House for shady investigations into matters pertaining to Droaam. Needless to say the matter was quickly swept under the rug by the House whose valuable position within Droaam they thought worth protecting.

The Daughters, however, thought that they could make use of this disgraced inquisitive. Sure, he wouldn’t have the resources of the House but he still had his incredible capacity for investigation and the backing of the entire nation of Droaam.

The half-orc, named Garn, was instructed by Sora Katra’s envoy to make for the town of Graywall and enquire after the Gray Mantle. He was assured that that this group could get him across Droaam safely and, more importantly, neutrally. Garn had taken refuge in the House of the Nine; a small inn and public house as well as Droaam’s sole temple to the Sovereign Host, run by a human family from western Breland. Channa and Cord Perryn are tactful people and Garn was safe enough there until the Gray Mantle sent someone to help get the half-orc out of the city and to his rendezvous destination on the road to the Great Crag.

That someone was the Ashen Blades – Wrogar Colworn and his team. Despite some conflict in Graywall and the threats which lay along the dangerous road to the Great Crag, the Ashen Blade safely escorted Garn to his destination – a small cottage off the beaten track about half-way between Graywall and the Great Crag. Garn thanked the adventurers and bid them farewell.

…but this was not the last the adventurers would see of the Half-Orc.



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