Thirteenth Rain

The Ashen Blade Chronicles - The Exiles Return

In the Drooamish wilderness, the Ashen Blades (led by Wrogar Colworn) are attacked by the Sere Blades, the Third Watch of the Gray Mantle, at the behest of Karkillian Draal. The Sere Blades give the Ashen Blades to courtesy of explaining their crime – conspiring against the nation of Droaam. The Ashen Blades are confused and insist that they are merely following the orders of Karkillian. Karkillian in turn, however, is following the orders of the Rakshasa Ravanna.

Battle between the two Watches erupts and ends with the Ashen Blades killing the Sere Blades down to the last.

The Ashen Blades face a difficult choice – what do they do next. If they are wanted for treason then Greywall is not longer safe – Xorchylic’s Flayer Guard will doublessly be looking for them.

Instead, they turn to the half-orc whose life they saved not a week ago – Garn. If nothing else, Garn can maybe use his Mark of Finding to help the Ashen Blades investigate the false charges levied against them.

On arrival at the hidden cottage where they dropped Garn off, they find him in the company of a Changeling named Gem and a figure they did not expect – Sora Teraza herself awaits their arrival.

Sora Teraza explains the situation in Droaam – Ravanna’s plots and how she has tried to second guess his maneuvers and ultimately play the Ashen Blades against him. She explains that there is one piece of her plan left -

The Ashen Blades must return to Graywall and kill Karkillian Draal.

This is not an easy task – Karillian is guarded by the last of the Gray Mantle Watches, the Cinereal Blades, but they carry out Sora Teraza’s orders and Wrogar deals the final blow to his former commander.



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