Thirteenth Rain

The Assassin's Guild Strikes

"I can not let you capture me alive..."

Exhausted from the battle with the Karrnathis Elite and the harassing questions of Harmony Galen, the party of travellers makes their was back to the abandoned shanty housing where they had found shelter.

Sleep takes each one of them and they drift off into a deep slumber. Were it not for Durzo’s keen senses, all of them might have died that night but the perceptive Drow is awoken by the smell of smoke and the crackling of flames as their house goes up in smoke.

They evacuate the building and Chester narrowly dodges a dagger to the chest as a cloaked figure strikes at the party. The would-be assassin tries to make a break for it across the roof-tops of the poor quarter but to no avail. Azan and Durzo are simply too quick.

Mark of shadowWhen the final blow is struck against the assassin, Durzo tries to extract information but the cloaked figure will not allow himself to be questioned. An explosive device falls out of his cloak and it is only the quick heroism of Iris, who throws her shield over the bomb, that saves the party from certain injury, potentially death.

There is little left to examine on the burnt corpse of the former assassin. Only two things remain to pique the curiosity of the party – a small key with the number 7 etched into it and what was surely once a Mark of Shadow on the assassins arm.

It seems that someone wants the party dead…



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