Thirteenth Rain

The Broken Anvil Tavern

"My lady, your guests have arrived..."

With minimal searching, the adventurers find the House Cannith aligned Broken Anvil Tavern. The Halfling matron of the establishment welcomes the travellers and after an exchange of pleasantries, agrees to show them to the woman they are looking for -

The halfling matron leads them to a secluded table near the back of the common room where she speaks to a woman – “My lady, your guests have arrived.” The lady before the group is a human female with delicate features dressed in a dark blue cloak. Her sheer black hair is bound at the back with silver and turquoise ornaments. She wears a signet ring of House Cannith on her right ring finger and speaks in a soft but even voice – “Thank you for coming. We have important business to discuss that relates to the unfortunate death of Bonal Geldem. Please, sit down.”

The adventurers are confused. This clearly is not the woman who met them outside the Guard post the night before. The travellers silently guess many things – the woman could be a changeling, she could be using magic to hide her identity or she could simply be a different person. Any way, the group is unsure whether or not she is trustworthty. She, however, explains herself -

This is Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith, a cousin of the blood but not an heir. She points to glasses and three pitchers of ale, wine and water. She explains that she had been working with Bonal to recover a family heirloom locked away in a foundry in the dungeons below Dorsan Tower – the current Hatheril resident of the House Cannith scions. She explains that while the tower itself is relatively new, it is built on top of a subterranean foundry which dates back to pre-Galifar Breland. She asks the adventurers to produce the journal. Her signet ring and the mithral thread glow in unison as she takes hold of the book. When she opens it, the blank pages immediately begin to fill with delicate script and line drawings. She turns to a drawing of a seven pointed star and, pointing it out to the group explains that the relic is made of adamantine plate and is about the size of one’s hand. She explains that it has no special power in and of itself but is an ancient schema – a piece of a pattern used by the Cannith artificers of old to craft unusual items.

The adventurers are confused. They bombard the (as far as they are concerned) untrustworthy Elaydren with questions, asking why she doesn’t seek the help of the local House Cannith officials and why, indeed, such powerful mages are unaware of a vault below their tower.

She explains that she can not seek the help of local Canntih officials on account of the current disjointed leadership of the House -

The destruction of Cannith’s ancestral estates in Cyre and the death of the patriarch have thrown the house into chaos. Three leaders have emerged, each intending to lead the house into the future. So far, they have reluctantly shared influence in the family by concentrating on their own regions and not attempting to pull the entire family together. Baron Jorlanna d’Cannith operates out of Fair haven and oversees the house’s efforts in Aundair, Thrane, and the Eldeen Reaches. Baron Merrix d’Cannith leads the house’s activities in Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun from holdings in Sharn. Baron Zorlan d’Cannith controls house operations in Karrnath, the Mror Holds, and the Lhazaar Principalities from an enclave in Korth.

She has allied herself with Jorlanna and can’t give any information to local Cannith authorities lest they pass it on to Merrix whom she believes to be, at heart, a bad man. She also explains that the current occupants of the tower are unaware of the vault as it was warded by her ancestors to protect against magical detection. She, however, working with Bonal and using her own family history knowledge, has uncovered both the location of the vault and how to get into it. She fears that Bonal may well have been killed by one of Merrix’s agents who uncovered the fact that the Jorlanna faction was on to a discovery in his territory.

She pleads with the group, stating that not only would this find greatly help the best faction in the leadership race but would help her to restore part of her own family’s honour.

The group, sensing that they are somehow being played, reluctantly accept with the provision that they are paid up-front.



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