Thirteenth Rain

The Dreaming Dark

"Your heads drops for but a brief second and, with your eyes closed, you think to yourself ‘don’t fall asleep’..."

Wracked by the day they’ve just had, the group decides that the comfort of an inn would bring them welcome rest. They find a quaint tavern in a middling district of the city and, after having eaten and washed, head for an early bed. It is going on twilight -

Your head bobs up and down. It has been a tiring day and despite the rest which you have managed to take, you still feel it taking its toll on you. Your heads drops for but a brief second and, with your eyes closed, you think to yourself ‘don’t fall asleep.’ As that thought washes over your mind, a scream cuts through the evening air; a woman’s scream and near-by.

They all awake and rush to arm themselves before heading down through the inn and out into the near-by street -

As you leave the inn, you expect to see at least some shades of light outside. Instead, you are met with the darkness of night. You all look at one another to confirm that you aren’t going mad. Taking a closer look at the streets, you see the source of the scream; a woman, middle aged, with long blonde hair. Her hands are stretched down by her side and her face is stuck in a terrified visage. She screams towards the source of her terror. Mere feet away from her, a creature shrouded in shadow closes the distance. The amorphous form of this creature seems to engulf everything around it. The necrotic evaporate surrounding creature’s body bulges and reaches outward with fluid appendages. It howls with an otherworldly scream. Something is very wrong…

The group searches their minds for what the creature might be but none of them can identify it. This worries Orryn – he feels like he should know what it is but he is clueless. It is as if this isn’t just a monster that he is not familiar with but rather a monster which is completely made up – like what a small child might drawn if asked to sketch a monster from a nightmare.

The group strikes out at the creature and every so often, when they assault it, they hear words spoken in their heads. It’s an unusual feeling and even though a little disconceting, the voice which speaks the words is calm, soft and soothing.

Something brought you back
Nothing is real
Perfect accord
Why are you here?
You remember me
We are all sleeping
I tried to keep you safe
Aureon guides us
I sent you away
Two sides
The Perfect Order
The Endless Night
Evil watches the prophecy
Shavarath here
Something is wrong
They seek to control them
A tempest approaches
The Dreaming Dark

After dispatching the creature, the adventurers pressed on through the streets of Hatheril, encountering smaller versions of it along the way. They followed the creatures back to their point of origin – a massively dense black ball of energy hovering over the centre of the city. They descended into the sewers below where they found a room with an eldritch machine built into it, channeling energy into the energy sphere. The room was not unguarded -

A figure clad in black plate armour stands in front of you. He lets a spiked chain slink through his fingers until his hand is firmly grasping its hard leather bound hilt. He follows every tiny move that each of you makes with an almost otherworldly sense of perception. After a moment, he finally snarls at you “Ah, at last. My master shall be very pleased with me…”

Riardon launched a psychic assault at the figure but was caught by some mental backlash and forced to retreat. The rest of the group circled and attacked the figured taking care to dodge the blasts from the eldritch machine.

Eventually the final blow was struck against the armour clad enemy -

You summon all of your power as you launch a final assault at the armour clad figure. Your strike devastates your target, dropping him to his knees. Disconcertingly, however, all you hear from him is laughter. “Freedom…” he whispers. “Freedom from this material shell…” The creature’s head kicks backwards and it cries out. As it does, two necrotic wings burst forth from what used to be its plate armour. Its fingers extend into long shadow tendrils which peel it’s helmet away to reveal an alien face behind. The creature smiles revealing its mouth of sharp teeth. You remember the old adage “evil has a face” and think to yourself, ‘this is surely it.’

The new enemy presses its surprise advantage as once again combat ensues. Though the adventurers are tired and their resources waning, they summon enough strengh to defeat the creature and as it is felled its body evaporates leaving only a strange black dust behind.

The adventurers collapse the energy sphere by destroying the eldritch machine and set about scouring the room for clues. It is bizarre – all around the walls of the room is scratched the same aberrant dragonmark which the adventurers first encountered on the pebble in their Sweet Liberty room and then again etched on the flesh of the Karrnathi Elite zombie.

Aberrant dragonmark

The adventurers look at one another. Where to next? Who can help them unravel this mystery? Perhaps the magewrights of house Cannith can shed some light on the mysterious eldritch device.



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