Thirteenth Rain

The Hatheril Sewers

"It's a question of jurisdiction..."

The adventurers return to the Hatheril sewers and Chester makes detailed notes of the room and the Eldritch machine therein.

CaletharDurzo, however, is drawn to a faint sound off one of the side tunnels. He decides to investiage alone. Down the tunnel, four cloaked figures are using a lit torch to comb the walls of the sewers. Durzo surprises them but finds them to be fairly friendly. The leader steps forward – an Elf by the name of Calethar. He tells Durzo that he is an agent of the King, called in to investigate the goings on of the night before. Durzo gives him information as to where the room with the eldritch machine is but also informs the elf that he is currently on assignment from House Cannith to catalogue the room. Calethar thanks Durzo and assures him that he owes him one for pointing him in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the rest of the adventures hear a clattering down a different side tunnel -

Also winding their way through the hewn tunnel system are a group of mercenaries known as Red Thorn Company. In the grand scheme of things, Red Thorn is a relatively new group – probably founded out of the paranoia which encompassed many of the nations of Khorvaire after the last war.

The adventurers, eventually re-joined by Durzo, follow the Red Thorn mercs and confront them in a large chamber in the sewers. The mercenaries admit that they were tasked with extracting an artefact from the chamber and taking it to a pre-designated location in the caravan district in the north of the city. After dispatching the mercenaries, the party sets about extracting the artefact for themselves -

The artefact is stunning to look at and lights up the entire hollow where it rests (the result of it meteorically crashing to Eberron eons ago). It appears to be something akin to a Siberys dragonshard – dragonshards which are golden in colour and fall from the Ring of Siberys. Siberys dragonshards are the rarest of the three varieties, and are sold in quantities only in Stormreach on the continent of Xen’Drik, or in Sharn on Khorvaire. Siberys dragonshards are most closely linked with Dragonmarks and are often used to enhance Dragonmark abilities. A brief look into the swirling gold ether within the shard shows that it does not look like the normal swirling dragonmark pattern one would normally expect to find. Instead, swirling supernal characters simply read the Tenth.



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