Thirteenth Rain

The Law Arrives

The veil between Eberron and Shavarath grows thin...

The Deneith guards, annoyed by the attack in their facility and the apparent deception of the group, insists that the travellers remain at the warehouse until a local guard inquisitor arrives.

Cold, decisive and firm, Guard Captain Harmony Galen is everything the group does want to have to deal with. Orryn chats with her and tries to wangle his way out of the situation the group has found themselves in. He is reasonably successful but knowns that he has not completely asuaded the Captain’s curiosty regarding their unique situation.

That said, however, his conversation with Galen reveals one peculiar coincidence – The inn-keeper who threw the travellers out of Sweet Liberty, the man named Jarred, was attacked and killed mere hours ago. He was apparently the victim of a mugging but Cpt. Galen is investigating further. Sensing that the groups attachment and, in fact, animosity, towards Jarred might rouse more suspicions, Orryn says nothing on the subject but feels that there is more to this “coincidence” than meets the eye.



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