Thirteenth Rain

The Lightning Rail to Wroat

"The Five Nations Express is House Orien’s premier lightning rail route..."

Boarding the Five Nations Express to Wroat, the adventurers happen upon one key piece of information – Roondar d’Sivis is aboard the train. He is apparently travelling in first class along with something of an entourage.

The party elects to travel in the standard class – not as expensive as first class and not as claustropobic as steerage. Regardless, the adventurers elect to sneak their way up to first class in the middle of the night to spy on the House Sivis Gnome and see if they can uncover how he is involved in this web of intrigue.

Azan and Riardon take to the roofs of the carriages to try and subtley make their way towards Roondar. While atop the train however, the situation takes a turn for the worse when the lightning rail is attacked by unknown forces.

A group of humans, all possesing telportation abilities like those who bear the Mark of Passage board the lightning rail carriages from a Skycoach and Soarsleds.

A battle ensues between the adventurers and the boarders with the threat of being cast off the lightning rail train a genuine fear for both sides.

When the adventurers eventually dispatch the hostiles, they uncover the same thing they had in the caravan park. All of the boarders bear tattoo-like faux-dragonmarks designed to emulate the special abilities of House Deneith and House Orien scions.

The party try to get further up the train but are preventeed from doing so by train guards and legitimate House Deneith Blademarks – guards presumably hired to protect Roondar on his journey. It appears as though these Blademarks had to battle off boarders as well which leaves the party of adventurers with one question burning in their mind… Who was the target of this assault – The party? Roondar? All of them?… or none of them?

It seems as though Roondar survived the assault and is also due to disembark at Wroat. Perhaps the party can find out more then.



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