Thirteenth Rain

The Siberys Rains Come Together

"The magic of the The Seventh and that of The Tenth suddenly entwine..."

Retrieving the dragonshard known as The Seventh perpetuates a great change. The other dragonshard, The Tenth, which is in Riardon’s backpack, explodes with light, as does The Seventh.

When both are placed near to one another they drift freely into the air and take up positions relative to oneanother as if they were the seven and ten marks on a clock face.

Light pours from both and suudenly each of the adventurers experiences a change. The prophecy mark which they have each carried since Providence shifts and develops a new line which forms an elipsis at the bottom right hand corner of the mark.

The entirety of the Caldera building starts to hum and vibrate as the two Rains come together for the first time in millennia.



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