Thirteenth Rain

The Vault

"Empty Vessels..."

The group of advendurers, knowing they have to cut through underground caverns, decided to research the catacombs a little more. The are still convinced that Elaydren is somehow playing them and want to be as prepared as possible. At a local library they find the only rough survey which was ever conducted of the caverns beneath Hatheril and discover they may yet hold darker secrets.

Hatheril sewers dragonmark jpg

Regardless, the adventurers press on through the tunnels beneath the city and, reaching the vault, navigate the maze of traps and wards detailed in Bonal’s book.

The vault is an unusual place. Straight in front of the adventurers are large metal double doors which are closed and barred. In middle of the room is an arrangement of tables with various eldritch devices on them. In the far corner of the room is a stone plinth with various sigils on it.

In the middle of the floor, however, is the most disturbing sight. The skeleton of a man lies entwined with the skeleton of another creature. Orryn deduces that the creature has vaguely feline qualities about it. The skeletons lie as if they had died grasping at and wrestling over a stone tablet which is held between them. On the tablet is written simple but disturbing words -

Five become one as ten eyes open in the Pit of Sorrows…

Guessing that the big metal double doors are barred for a reason, the adventurers split into two groups – one examining the tables and the other the stone plinth.

Chester, examining the tables comes across an old warforged faceplate which has become dormant. He uses his skills to reanimate it and finds it to be friendly and helpful. It is apparently a pre-sentience faceplate and has the number designation 562.


The other group eventually activate the plinth and find that it is a linked portal which leads to the Mourneland. Hearing the undead in the building on the other side, the adventurers decide that they don’t have enough resources to explore more now but that the portal could well be the most valuable thing they have found to date. Orryn actually worries what House Cannith might well do to get their hands on a device which is still linked to the destroyed nation of Cyre.

Uncovering nothing else, the traveller’s decide that they’ll have to investigate the contents of the locked room. The double doors are opened slightly and Riardon uses his psionic ability to peer inside.

The schema Elaydren sent them after is locked into an eldritch machine at the far side of the room. Also sitting by the machine is a completely different looking schema. Most disturbingly, however, are the skeletons which litter the room, surrounded by archaic looking warforged unlike anything the party have ever seen before.

Riardon plots to grab both schemas and teleport out at the first sign of trouble. As he uses his psionic ability to pull Elaydren’s schema out of the machine, the ancient warforged activate. Riardon, however, manages to grab what he’s after and teleport away, his companions closing the doors behind them.

From outside the room, they can hear the warforged pounding on the doors and exclaiming something -

“Defend that which belongs to our master, Talquatalac.”

The group take a few seconds to examine the two schemas. Sure enough one looks exactly like that described by Elaydren. The other, however, is markedly different -

This schema is like a small pyramid covered in little piths which look almost like beady eyes. Somethin is written around the base of the schema in a language the adventurers can not understand.

Orryn uses a Comprehand Language ritual to deceipher the script and discovers that it means -

Empty Vessels

It is not, however, the only thing he discovers. By chance, it seems as though comprehending this language has gifted him a second inside. He also understands the word Talguatalac to mean -

Reborn in the fifth cycle

The adventurers beat feet, sealing the vault behind them. Eventually they return the Cannith schema to Elaydren who is eternally greatful. They do not, however, mention the other schema, which they keep for their own research.



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