Thirteenth Rain

War Comes to Providence

The attack begins...

On a quiet winter’s night in the Brelish town of Providence, the attack began. Soldiers from the rival nation of Cyre attacked the sleepy town, blowing its south-western wall apart with some kind of alchemical explosives. It was later revealed that this attack was merely a distraction to hide the Cyran’s true intents. Cyran spies had uncovered information about a House Cannith (a human dragonmarked house who excel in the creation of magical items) laboratory underneath Providence. The Cyrans employed mages to scry on the House Cannith outpost or, if needed, teleport into it but they constantly came up against powerful magical wards. To counteract this, the Cyrans deployed the distractionary force to conceal the fact that three groups of Knights and mages were setting up arcane machines to punch through the Cannith defences and teleport inside.

When the party eventually got to this Cannith outpost, it was not what they expected. Instead on a modern, contemporary, well-furnished lab, they found nothing more than a buried, ruined tower. Within that tower, however, was a draconic prophecy mark – the item of study for the Cannith magewrights. Before the party could get a proper look at it, however, they had to deal with another problem. For reasons unknown, the Cyran teleportation devices had not only transported the Knights and mages through to the compound but had also drawn in creatures from the plane of Mabar. Mabar – the endless night is a plain in the astral sea, the spiritual realm of the universe. Mabar is anything but a perfect paradise. This plain is ruled by angels devoted to the Mockery; The Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodshed. It’s a pit of darkness and evil to rival even the depths of the abyss. This realm seeks to devour every spark of light and life that dares to intrude on its eternal, starless night. For some reason, the teleportation device had cut through the plain of Mabar and the teleportation matter stream had picked up a few hitch-hikers on the way through. Regardless, the party dispatched with the Mabar-spawn and took some time before exiting the ruined tower. On exiting, however, they found themselves to be in the middle of the Cyran extraction plan – an elemental airship was sent in to evacuate the Knights from the town.

The party boarded the airship hovering over Providence and attacked its crew including, but not limited to, the one Cyran Knight who was left alive from the buried tower and the Captain of the Airship itself. While the party battled the skeleton crew of the airship, unbeknownst to them, an eladrin psion had managed to escape from the mental prison he was being held captive in. The psion ascended from the hold onto the deck of the airship where he engaged the Captain and looked upon the rest of the party in an enemy of my enemy kind of way. Durzo, the drow assassin took advantage when the captain gave him an opening and shrouded himself and his target in darkness before plunging his long knife in and striking the killing blow. Meanwhile, the eladrin psion examined the controls of the ship and determined that the Captain was probably a member of House Lyrandar – A dragonmarked house which possesses the Mark of Storm. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to control winds and waves. The eladrin determined that the Captain was probably connected to a fire elemental bound into a control ring surrounding the ship. With the captain dead the fire elemental simply burned its way out of the ring and the ship began to plunge towards the town, striking the tower overlooking the western gate. The party, including the eladrin jumped to the roof of houses or the town wall below and fled to safety out of the way of the splintering wreckage.

Reconvening with Captain Harrowleaf, the group discussed what they had found in the ancient tower beneath Providence – the prophecy mark which read “At the brink of desolation, stand as one against the tempest’s roar.” The group also took some time to talk to the eladrin who revealed his name to be Riardon. Riardon explained that he had been a prisoner of war in Cyre for quite some time but that things changed when his captors uncovered his ability to manifest psionic abilities. They kept his mind subdued by a device which bombarded his consciousness with psychic energy, confusing his own abilities. They forced him to unlock power stored within Dragonshards – translucent stones with pulsating veins of color within them used to enhance the powers of a Dragonmark or in the creation of magic items, artifacts, or constructs. It would be a fair assumption that the Cyrans, not knowing what they would find in Providence, brought Riardon along on the airship to hopefully unlock it’s powers as quickly as possible. Riardon, after finally finding out the truth of what was in the tower, reached out with his psychic ability to see if he could make sense of whatever it was. He was disrupted, however, by a great disturbance of psychic energy and got a brief glimpse of thousands of voices crying out in pain and being abruptly silenced. With that, the sky to the east flashed with a bright, unnatural light. At almost the same moment, the party’s wrist’s started to burn uncomfortably. They found that they had each manifested a draconic mark – a birthmark shaped like a dragonmark but without the glowing aura or the attached magical abilities. The prophecy mark was an exact copy of that found in the tower of Providence which seemed to read “At the brink of desolation, stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”



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