Thirteenth Rain

Wrogar's Journal

"I have a delivery for Orryn Wyrdsmyff..."

After a short stop in the Brelish countryside to ensure that all is well with the lightning rail coaches after the assault, the lightning rail pulls into the main station in Wroat, capital city of Breland.

The party disembarks with their minds buzzing regarding the web of intrigue they have found themselves embroiled within. It seems, however, that the web is destined to expand as a House Orien courrier stands near the platform and calls out to the group -

“I have a delivery for Orryn Wyrdsmyff.”

The gnome accepts the parcel and opens it to find a journal inside. It belongs to one Wrogar Colworn, a Brelish soldier who fought in the Last War. The events described in the journal are incredible and seem to have some bearing on the traveller’s from Hatheril.

The party takes a few hours to sit in the concourse of the lightning rail station and digest the soldier’s words.



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