Caldera Corporation

Caldera Corporation is a company with offices across Khorvaire. Caldera Corp. is split into two major ‘departments’ – a recovery team who specialise in retrieving artefacts and magical items, usually from the Mournland, the Underdark or Xen’Drik and an investigation team who determine the properties, functions and potential economic profits which could be made from them. The investigation teams seem to be made up of independent artificers, wizards, magewrights and inquisitives with no connection to any of the Dragonmarked houses.

Caldera Corporation first became an investigative interest to the adventurers when they intercepted a crate being transferred from the Caldera office in Atur to their office in Wroat. The crate, which was held briefly in Hatheril, contained a Karrnathi Elite Zombie with shapes like aberrant dragonmarks carved into it’s skin.

The party also assaulted the Caldera Offices in Wroat wherein they discovered a well guarded chamber housing a prisoner named Aerie Taiel, a mysterious Shardmind, an ape-like creature which secreted the dead-grey mist of the Mournland, a dead elf and a weapon apparently scavenged from the Frostfell.

When the adventurers raided the personal bunks of the Caldera workers they discovered two things of note. Firstly, they found a journal which talked in detail about a massive push the company was making on Khyber dragonshard gathering and secondly, they found a small green claw indicative of membership in the Emerald Claw.

Caldera Corporation

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