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It is said that millennia ago, when dragons ruled the natural world, the great silver dragon Amitiel created a city which she envisioned would be the centre of the cosmos. To power her city she crafted thirteen crystals which, when linked together, changed the very nature of magic within the city. When the dragons began warring with the demons, Amitiel realised that her city could give the Rajahs and Overlords the power to control the known universe. Fearing that they would uncover her secret, she buried her city and set the thirteen crystals into the sky, like lights above Eberron. Since then, as centuries passed, one by one the lights have fallen from the sky in great rains of crystal…

Thirteenth Rain

Six heroes quest to find the Thirteen Dragonshards. They are bound together by a prophecy mark gifted to them during The Last War. Their journey has not been easy. They have been accosted from all sides by forces of evil operating in the world. Already, one of their number has faltered, abandoning her friends to pursue a personal crusade. Those who remain are lost in a tide of mystery and misdirection with only the murmurings of an eladrin seer to guide them on their journey -

The first four are in the Sister’s library.
The fifth is with our kin in the Silver Tree.
The sixth is below the streets of darkness guarded by an army of death.
The seventh is theirs but not beyond your reach. Your path will lead you to it.
The eighth lies unfound in a valley of bones at the end of the world.
The ninth is with our cousins, in the sceptre of the king.
The tenth is within your grasp. Reach into the tunnels of the mark and take it.
The eleventh and twelfth we could not find. That is now your burden.
The thirteenth is yet to fall. The gatekeepers watch for it, as do the mages in their mountain cloister. Seek their help.

Home Page

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